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We Brought Presence To Planned Parenthood

Worship is warfare. We live in a world with an active war waged for our souls. Every time we worship in spirit and truth, the world's dark forces tremble because they know they are the losers in the war. Our worship helps make the victory of Jesus a tangible reality wherever it takes place. This is the theology of worship warfare.

Jesus has already won the war on the cross and in His resurrection, but many battles are left to be fought by God's people. Jesus warned us, saying, "Apart from Me, you can do nothing" (John 15:5). We will never win the culture war for life without the power of Jesus' presence. So, how can we bring the presence of Jesus into the dark world of abortion mills?

In all my life, the most powerful encounters with Jesus have been connected to worship through song. While considering this truth, the Lord gave me a vision of gathering our community together for a "worship blitz" at "the gates of Hell," as some describe it (Planned Parenthood). Half a dozen times in the last year, my friends and I gathered in large numbers to sing worship songs outside our local Planned Parenthood for two hours straight. The effect is powerful for everyone involved. The regular faithful witnesses for life are encouraged, the worshipers are encouraged by one another, and the voice of truth is multiplied in power. It is amazing to see the escort's agitation at our singing. We aren't pointing the finger at them. We aren't yelling at them. We are simply singing about and to the Giver of Life at a place of death. The contrast is stark.

It is nearly impossible to measure the effectiveness of standing outside an abortion clinic in protest, but the signs of effectiveness are there. Many of the regular pro-life witnesses tell us that their experience is so much better when we come to worship. We also know from insider's testimony that the presence of God's people praying outside Planned Parenthood is a statistical effect on their business. THEY know prayer makes a difference. Worship is prayer with a soundtrack and a megaphone.

Another advantage of these worship-blitz efforts is that, while we protest, our minds stay focused on who Jesus is instead of the insults and threats hurled at us. We stay focused on the Victorious One, the God of the Ressurection.

Anyone can do what we are doing. It doesn't take skill or equipment. You don't have to argue with anyone; you don't have to confront anyone (if these things scare you). All you need to do is stand there in witness to the truth and sing praise to Jesus. Watch Him go to work. You may or may not see the effect of your worship on your surroundings, but it will certainly bring change, not least, to you.

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