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Karl Gessler is a 20-year worship leader/singer song-writer. Karl's musical influences are probably unlike anyone else's you've met. Some folks say that Karl was "raised in a bomb shelter" as the third child out of twelve in a conservative but charismatic family. Karl grew up exclusively on his parent's Christian music collection, including a wide variety of Christian artists from Phil Keaggy, Love Song, and Larry Norman to Michael Card, Bob Bennett, Rich Mullins, and many others. Karl grew up singing worship choruses as part of his family's home fellowship and was launched into a calling to lead worship through the Passion movement in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Karl thoroughly embraces the new sound of new generations of worship (including His original songs) but cherishes incorporating previous generations' offerings for a new era. Karl believes that each generation is better off bridged with the last.

The Karl Gessler Band (KGB) is an eclectic family worship team made up of: Justice (13), Karli (12), Wesley (10), Josephine (7), and Teresa (5). The KGB incorporates a variety of talents, sounds, and instruments for an unforgettable experience of family worship. Together, the KGB has ministered in 49 out of 50 states in the USA. Our mission is to heal the orphaned generations and inspire a family culture that orbits around worship, friendship, and ministry.

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