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A Search All Around the World

All religions are created equal. That is what we are taught to believe. “Religion” as we know the word today is, however, a misleading and largely unhelpful word when describing the world-views of various cultures and peoples. In today’s Western world, the word religion is used to categorize whole world-views as being superstitious or spiritual and, hence, having no real purchase on matters to do with the “real world” of space, time and matter. But this concept of religion is a modern myth.

A Search All Around the World

Suppose you could explore the different religions of the world on a personal level? What if you became a Hindu or a Muslim or a Catholic? For that matter, what if you spent time being an Atheist? How would it change your world-view? How would it affect your life and the lives of the people around you? This would be a dangerous experiment. Fortunately for you, someone else has tried it and lived to tell the story. On this weeks Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast, John Immel shares his story of a journey around the world religions to finally finding his home in Christ. While you are listening, check out our other podcasts and share with a friend! Also “like” our Facebook page and catch live podcasts on Saturday mornings at 10am. This Saturday, I will be talking with Nathaniel Jolly about the time he spent “going on a witch hunt”. Tune in and join the conversation!

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