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Who Allowed Evil Spirits Here?

We created The Gospel For Planet Earth ministry because we believe that the Gospel of Jesus is good news for the entire person and the entire planet. It is "good news" for the earth on which we live. Jesus hasn't saved us so that we might live in heaven. Jesus saved us so that we might be part of the new creation, the redemption of all things that began in Jesus' resurrection. Therefore, because Jesus is raised from the dead as the "first fruits" of God's new creation, we, as followers of the risen Christ, are called to let the world know that there is a new master in town who gives life and releases us from the chains of evil. All authority in heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus. Therefore, when I became aware that a spiritist or a "medium" (a witch) is coming to our town to engage in witchcraft, I typed this letter to our mayor and city council.

The United States of America has a government that is by the people and for the people. We must exercise our authority and protect our communities from evil. As followers of the world's true Lord, we have to speak up on behalf of righteousness. I hope that this letter will inspire you to take similar actions in your own town.

For the sake of the Kingdom of God and the peace on earth that it brings,

Karl Gessler

To our Mayor and City Council Members,

My name is Karl Gessler. I am a lifelong resident of Henderson County, and I love our beautiful city.

It has come to my attention that the Flat Rock Theatre in downtown Hendersonville intends to host a "medium" or a spiritist on May 15th. Is this in the best interest of our community? I submit that it certainly is not. Are you not aware that the BLM riots we have witnessed in Portland, Seattle, Asheville, and many other places are self-proclaimed "spiritual" movements? Do you know that they practice sacrifice and incantations to spirits for "aiding" the riots? Is this what we want for our community? No. It is not. The Old Hendersonville Courthouse, only blocks from the scheduled event, has the motto "In God, We Trust" emblazoned above the entrance. This statement is correct and one of the main reasons that the United States of America has been so blessed. Can we expect to retain the blessings of God while inviting something abominable to Him to be practiced in our city? We cannot. If we allow this event to take place, we will be guilty of literally inviting evil spirits into our city. We cannot and should not tolerate it. For the peace and protection of our city, this event cannot take place. No spiritists should be allowed to practice in a God-fearing city.


Karl Gessler

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