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When You Find Out Your Mom’s a Murderer

Our Genocide Awareness Project display on the campus of Appalachian State University has many angels, literally and intellectually. As I was coming around the corner of our presentation, I heard a few students pointing and talking. “This is the one that really gets me,” said a young white woman, pointing at the sign comparing abortion doctors to the doctors of Nazi Germany.

She exclaimed to her friends, “I guess my mom’s a murderer then!”

Her tone didn’t indicate that she agreed with that conclusion, but undeniably, an unsettledness of her soul began. Apparently, this woman’s Mom is a doctor who performs abortions. I don’t think the disturbing image of the violent act her mother regularly performs will leave this woman until she finds Jesus. There is no other way to get peace when you discover that your Mom’s career is murdering babies. Before the afternoon was over, this young lady had only processed this shocking revelation enough to tell us to “eat shit.” I failed to see how that advice would help, but I felt she needed more time to process what she learned yesterday afternoon, so I left her alone.

This sad young woman must now confront a strong accusation from the Devil: “Your mom is a murderer.” And possibly beneath that is another accusation “you are a murderer too.” When you are in a court of law, and your prosecutor brings a charge against you, you will lose your case if your defense is “eat shit.” Such a plea will only leave you condemned forever. There are two steps you must follow religiously to escape the condemnation of the judge:

First: Acknowledge/admit that the accusation has merit. Plead guilty.

Second: Have the right lawyer. The Bible describes Jesus as our advocate or defense attorney.

The Bible says, “if anyone sins, we have one who pleads our cause before the Father-namely, the Righteous One, Jesus the Messiah. He is the sacrifice which atones for our sins-and not ours only, either, but those of the whole world.”

1 John 2:1-2.

This young lady and even her murdering mother can find peace and healing simply by pleading with the blood of Jesus as their defense. They are guilty of crimes, but Jesus has taken their punishment. And Jesus will take their pain and their shame if they only accept His sacrifice on their behalf. It is the same for each one of us every time we face the voice of accusation: Let the blood of Jesus atone for the sins of you and your family. Don’t live in shame. Live in grace and gratitude for the blood of Jesus and the generosity of God’s love.

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