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Revival or Revolution on our Campuses?

College campuses are not happy places. The unrest and anger will make you shudder. The language of revolution is in the air and on the posters. But all is not well with the revolution. A counter-revolution is also underway. At Kennesaw State University, I believe that I sensed an undercurrent of hunger for truth, hope, and love. The college students crave love and healing much more than chaos and anger. Strangers in the form of professors, politicians, and media try to whip college students into a frenzy, and I think they are worn out from chasing the wind. I sense a receptiveness to hope, healing, and truth.

Woman Can Kill

Several students gathered around a sign that documented a child's development in the womb through pictures. We debated when life begins and when it is permissible to end that life. One black male student tried to take charge in our debate. He had long hair, hoop earrings in each ear, and wore artificial nails. Nevertheless, he said, "As a man, I don't think I have any right to tell a woman what she can do with her body." I replied, "We are not talking about a woman's body unless the baby is a woman." This kind of exchange is a typical conversation at these events. "When does life begin?" is usually at the center of the debate. This young man got tired of being careful with his words, and he blurted out, "If a woman wants to kill her child, that should be her choice!" I tried to clarify, "So, you say that women should be allowed to commit murder?" He replied, "Yes." The eyes of a white female student, who stood behind the man speaking, suddenly got much bigger as she took in the statement of her fellow student. Sometimes, the value of these debates is letting the students hear the ludicrous nature of their own arguments.

Tell Us about Abortion But Not Healing?

A white female student came back to speak with me after the rest of the student body had left. She thanked me for being able to dialogue with the students without yelling. She implied that she was pro-life but didn't dare let anyone on campus know it. Then she said to me, "I think you would be more effective if you didn't bring up Jesus in your arguments." To be clear, we don't need to bring up Jesus to demonstrate that abortion is murder and genocide. Nevertheless, I told her that I have to bring up Jesus so that students who have already had abortions will have hope for forgiveness and healing. I think she understood what I was saying, but she obviously did not trust Jesus so thoroughly herself. She reiterated her fear of the student body. I offered to pray for her, which she accepted. I prayed that she would have courage. Significant Silence

One of the questions several students asked was, "Why are you out here? Do you have a job?" The answer is, "Yes, I have a job, and no, this is not it. Why am I here? I'd like to believe it is because of love. Nobody is telling you the truth about abortion. Many people find out too late." I then reiterated the truth that Jesus can heal and forgive if someone has already made that mistake. I told this to one particularly agitated young woman, and she didn't respond at all. She just blinked and seemed to be taking in what I said. Love and grace seem to be unfamiliar experiences for many of these students. That is why the hope for revival should be very high right now. If only God's children will represent Him well in this hour. God help us! Holy Spirit, come!

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