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Petr Jasek: Locked Up with Terrorists

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Petr Jasek grew up in the shadow of communism in the Chek-Republic. Both of Petr's parents suffered because of their faithful witness to Christ. As a result, at a young age, Petr was aware of the plight and needs of our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. Petr made it his vocation to serve the persecuted church as he was brought on staff with the Voice of the Martyrs to serve the Church in Africa. But on his last venture into Sudan, Petr was not allowed to return home. His entire trip had been caught on videos and in pictures by government spies who were suspicious of his activities. Even though Petr had committed no crime, he was placed in a small prison cell with several other men...all of them were members of ISIS! In this week's podcast, Petr shares his testimony of God's faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty and suffering.

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