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Meet Sarah Lu, Modern Martyr & Heroine of the Faith

Many of us in the USA are experiencing political and social pressure like never before. Christians are beginning to feel the heat of persecution. But persecution is not new. The Communist Party in China is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. That number is sobering when you consider that the Chinese Communist Party has persecuted Christians severely since their first day in power. How have Christians survived the onslaught of the Communist Party in China?

Sarah Lu (not her real name) is one living example of the resilience of the Church in China. Sarah is a living martyr who endured six years of imprisonment, including torture and forced labor, for her "crime" of publishing an underground newsletter for Christians. Sarah could have escaped her hell by signing a document that would have placed other Christians' welfare in jeopardy, but she refused to do it.

Sarah will be sharing her testimony of faith, endurance, courage, and hope at The Father's House on July 23rd in Mills River, NC. Click here to RSVP and get directions. The audio of the evening should also be available later in the year via podcast.

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