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Bless Now the Lord (Featuring Will Hart)

I came home one evening when my parents were away and picked up my Dad's guitar. I sat down in his newly built study and began to pick out this familiar tune. At that moment, I realized how much I loved this simple song. I felt enveloped with peace and filled with gratefulness for my parents. Their influence and example that has helped me worship through the many different seasons of life. "Bless Now The Lord" is one of those "heart songs" that returns in various seasons with a fresh ability to usher me into God's presence. Something I certainly need today.

I am grateful, as always, for my brother Ricky. He has spent his life smoothing out my rough edges musically and spiritually. His harmonies always give me joy.

I am also grateful to my talented new friend, Will Hart, for his extra-ordinary gift on the mandolin. Enjoy and enter into God's presence!

Mandolin Player
Will Hart

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