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A Queer Call For Justice

Justice is a popular word today. Many people claim to want it, but it seems to me that not many people can define it. Justice is a weighty thing to desire. The call for Justice requires some definite and robust truth claims. I don't believe that those who have rioted in our streets, for the supposed cause of Justice are ready for such truth claims. The notion of Justice completely undermines the justification of these so-called protests.

What is Justice? Justice is about setting things straight, doing things the right way, and organizing the world in a way that is appropriate for everyone. If you want to support the cause of Justice, are you also able to define those objectives? What does it look like when all the world is as it should be? Describe that world to me. How should we treat one another? And on what basis should we accept ANY of our answers? Do we speak with authority? If so, from where does that authority come? Can we back up our claims with any evidence?

Jesus claimed to be setting up God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven: "The time is fulfilled," he said; "God's kingdom is arriving! Turn back and believe the good news!" Mark 1:15. Jesus believed that He was fulfilling the hope of the Psalmist who declared,

"He (the Lord) has established His throne for judgment,

And He will judge the world with righteousness;

He will execute judgment for the people with equity."

Psalm 9:8

Jesus backed up his claim with healing. Jesus made blind people see, lame people, walk, and dead people live. Jesus gave life and healed brokenness. Do any of the current "justice" movements bring about healing like this? All that I have seen from the popular contemporary "justice" movements is destruction.

One of our current "justice" movements belongs to those lobbying for LGBTQ "rights." How can anyone call for "rights" to be granted to something called "gender fluidity" and also call for Justice at the same time? As mentioned above, Justice is about setting things right, making crooked things straight, or putting things the way they ought to be. How can a group of people, whose definitions constantly change, claim to know how things should be? If you can't make head or tail out of yourself, how do you expect to set the world right for everyone else?!

Before you can claim to advocate for Justice, you have to define it. And defining Justice requires ultimate truth claims.

The irony is that the word "justice" is perverted by many of the so-called justice movements. If anyone wants true Justice, it must begin with themselves. Demonstrate that you know what Justice is, and then you will have a voice worth listening too. Show us that you know how to make crooked things straight and how to make human beings flourish. Define your ideal and be ready to defend it with facts. Truth matters, or nothing does. Truth matters if there is to be any meaning to the word "justice."

But until you can articulate the meaning of "justice," you had better put your sword away. A crooked road is better than no road at all. The mob violence we have seen thus far demonstrates, not Justice, but ignorance, rebellion, and hate.

Tearing down something you don't understand is a great act of injustice.

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