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In Word Only

Evangelism is not easy. Not in the United States, not anywhere. But this is not because it is difficult to explain or because we are shy or don't like speaking in public. Evangelism is not easy because the capacity that humans have to trust is very fragile, and without trust, you cannot have faith. Talking about Jesus is not difficult but winning people for Jesus is another story. Americans particularly are jaded, I believe. More and more Americans have now grown up outside the Church but nevertheless, are jaded due to hear-say or impressions or prejudice, whatever. But many other Americans have grown up inside the Church and they are jaded because of hypocrisy, inconsistency, or because they were served a bunch of tradition instead of the real Jesus. The bottom line is this: People do not need a theory of atonement, or a superior religious philosophy. People need to see Christians who embody the Gospel, Christians who live as though Jesus really is alive and with us, Christians who display the love, truth and grace of Jesus in word and deed.That is what the world needs. That is what the Church needs. Anything less is wasted time and energy. "Little Children, let us not love with word or tongue, but in deed and truth." 1 John 3:18

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