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This week I have been in the studio working on a new music project, o for this week's podcast, I am dusting off the digital shelf to bring you a special podcast recorded with my wife last year concerning the doctrine of election. This was also recorded during the presidential election cycle of 2016.


The popular Protestant doctrine of Election has been much contested down the years. Nevertheless, many aspects of this doctrine are the assumed standard for most mainline Evangelical Protestant denominations. There are some non-Calvinists or "Arminians", but they are not the dominant opinion in the American pulpits. Many people assume that if you are not a Calvinist, you are Arminian. I honestly know nothing of Jacobus Arminius except his name which I just looked up on Wikipedia! (Note to self: add Jacobus Arminius to reading list). Nevertheless, I have always had major concerns and have perceived many inconsistencies within the traditional Calvinistc teachings on election. In this podcast, I take a stab at explaining to my wife how I understand the Biblical doctrine of election. I am sure that this will not be my last attempt! Please, listen, comment, and share with a friend!

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