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The Road to Meeting Jesus

With receiving the official approval of our meeting sight, it is time to start preparing for the Summer Meeting Jesus Conference 2017. The Conference will take place on Saturday August 5th at Hendersonville Presbyterian Church 699 North Grove St. in Hendersonville NC from 9am- 3pm. At every conference, we journey through an entire gospel corporately as it is read aloud in it's entirety.This summer we will be meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. In the coming months, you will get a preview of the conference through the blogs that I will write as I reflect on my portion of the Gospel (Each speaker at the conference will share reflections from a different portion of the scripture after it is read aloud.) If you would like to attend this summer's conference as either an attendee or as one of our volunteers to read the gospel aloud, you can sign up for free by indicating your intention on our facebook page, or by simply sending me an email at Either way, I look forward to seeing you there and meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Luke!

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