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3 Things I am Pondering this Summer

Three things that I am pondering this summer are: 1. Would it benefit us to have another Church building? I often speak about how the Church is not a building, but that does not mean that I don't believe the Church couldn't properly use a building. If I had building, I would want it to be open every morning from 6am-7am for people to stop in on their way to work or school. The Scriptures would be read aloud regularly, day by day, and the chapel would be open for prayer and for worship. I would also hold regular Church meetings and Bible Studies and special concerts and events. The building I have in mind in particular is a small Methodist Church building down the road from my house. I think it might be available. Would you join me in praying about this? 2. Conferences and Brothers

3 Things I Am Pondering This Summer

This summer, I will be hosting a number of one day conferences on missions and the persecuted Church. We will be hearing from Christians from China and Ethiopia (and I expect a few more places!) My blood brothers and I will be leading worship at these events. It has been awhile since some of us have played together, and never have ALL of us played together. We will be missing our brother, Nick, who is in Kansas, but maybe he will join us at a future time. 3. Recording a New Worship Record! This June, I am recording 5 new songs written through reflection on the Psalms and the Prophets. The Title for the album will be "We Will Not Fear", with a desire to encourage the Church not to be afraid of what we hear in the news, but to have eyes of faith and trust in our Lord Jesus. If you would like to support this recording project, (I am trying to raise $2,500 for production costs), you can donate at the home page of this website, or you can simply purchase my previous album online, or both! Our projected release date is August 1st.

3 Things I am Pondering This Summer

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