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Get in! You have only one chance!

Michael Titus had never heard of the gospel of Jesus. In fact, nobody in his village in Tanzania had heard of the gospel of Jesus in over one hundred years. There was a Catholic Church in town but they kept to themselves for the most part and they did not have a good reputation in the community, neither did they ever preach the gospel in Michael’s village. Michael was a Muslim, in fact, everyone in Michael’s village was Muslim. Michael didn’t resent his Muslim faith, it was simply part of his identity. His mother was the more zealous Muslim between his parents and she would regularly send Michael to the Madrasa to learn the Koran. But one day, Michael had a dream and in this dream, Michael saw a group of people in car who had a deep, compelling joy and he longed to join them. The people in the car stopped and told Michael “Get in! You have only one chance!” and then he joined them and drove down the road with great joy. But then Michael woke up. It was only a dream. But a short while later, Michael heard that a missionary was preaching about 8 miles up the road. Michael did not have any means of transport but at 15 years of age, he stole out of the house and walked the 8 miles to the place where the gospel was being proclaimed. This was Michael’s only chance and he did not want to miss it!

Today, Michael, His parents, and all three of his brothers are Christians! This would never have happened had not someone made the effort to preach the gospel in a formerly unreached area. Today, Michael and his wife, Monica, continue to bring the gospel to unreached areas. Listen to this podcast to hear more of Michael’s story. You can also partner with Michael by learning more about his ministry here.


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