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Why You Don't Share Your Faith

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Do you have trouble sharing your faith? Have you ever told someone about Jesus? The last commandment Jesus gave His followers at His ascension was a command to preach the Gospel in all the world. But statistics say that hardly any Western Christians practice this. What is going on? Why can't we obey this simple instruction?

In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler will try to unpack some of the hang-ups that we generally have about sharing the Gospel. We will look at Luke 22 and ask what happened to steal the voices of Jesus' evangelists who had been so enthusiastic up until that point?

We will also ask ourselves whether we can trust God enough to declare the Gospel in the middle of pain and suffering. Can people whose suffering has silenced their evangelism, regain their voices?

Also in this episode: Pastor Darren Eastwood joins Karl in the studio to share his story of coming to faith in Jesus after his girlfriend took the risk of explaining her faith to him and breaking the silence of her witness.

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