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Why People Don't Like Healing

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Why did Stephen get into trouble with his fellow Jews? Do people always like healing? Can Western Christians today get into trouble for offering to heal people? Karl and Susie Gessler talk about these questions and other thoughts from chapter 6 of the book of Acts in today's podcast. Also included in today's Podcast is Karl Gessler's original poem "Wanderer Take Courage".

Wanderer Take Courage (by Karl Gessler)

We are a strange and beleaguered people Looking for a home Wandering in desert places Looking for a home Aware of a greater purpose But unsure about what it is Wandering in desert places To find a place to live

We hear a voice that’s calling Or is it an echo of our own? “There is a place of freedom” “There is a place called home.” What can we really believe in? Is life just dust and wind? Is there a future to make sense of the places where we have been?

Oh wanderer take courage You will need it for the fight The land is filled with enemies Who taunt you in the night In the restless place of your private thoughts In the hopes you cherish there In the secret hope of ultimate meaning A demon lingers near To attack you in your longing To negate your hope of light Oh wanderer take courage You will need it for the fight

There is a land of satisfaction A place where the real is real A solid ground beneath you A place that you can feel So let your exploration Not fail in courage on the day You perceive the one who heals you And takes all your doubt away But the choice is voluntary To hope or to despair For life or for the grave “Who you are” is determined there.




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