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Where Grace Does Not Exist

"That is not a baby!" said an elderly white woman as she pointed at our pictures of babies in the early weeks of development. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform uses powerful graphic images to show the true nature of abortion and the early development of a human being. The particular banner this grey-haired lady pointed her shaking finger at features forty pictures of the forty weeks of prenatal development that every human being passes through on their way into society. At week nineteen, this woman declared that the baby was not a baby but only a "fetus." At week twenty, this woman conceded that the baby was probably human. At this point in the argument, these pictures show their power. I pointed at the week twenty picture and said,

"So this is a baby..." Then I pointed at the week nineteen picture and said, "but this is not?"

"That's correct." She responded.

"Why?" I said, "What is the difference between nineteen and twenty weeks? Does having longer appendages make you human?"

"I didn't say it wasn't human," she insisted, "I said it is not a person!"

"Is there a difference between being human and being a person?" I asked quizically.

At this, she seemed to get flustered and confused. She looked away for a moment. This poor woman was standing in the sun, sweating, shaking, and flustered. She tried to draw strength from the small mob of blue-haired girls with hangers draped in front of their pants, fake-blood on their clothing, and a loudspeaker that seemed to magnify the "f-word" several times every 5 minutes. She clapped and tried to cheer them on. What a sad day we live in when those of us who should have wisdom from age turn to a screaming mob of adolescents for inspiration.

She turned back to me and said, "I am not impressed with your sophistry."

"I only asked you a question," I replied, "what changed in the child between nineteen weeks and twenty weeks?"

But she had had enough and marched off after a final derision:

"Have a good day, Sophist!"

It doesn't matter how old we are; all of us who refuse to humble ourselves and acknowledge our sins will go to insane, humiliating lengths to try to "save face," and it never works. This aged woman continues to run from her past rather than face it. It's much better to seek mercy than to deny guilt. But the fact that this lady stood and argued with me for a long while shows that her heart is not completely hard. She is still trying to get peace. We are there to help her because she will never find it without facing the truth of what she did to her baby, which, we can make a fair guess, died prematurely at nineteen weeks.

Grace exists for sins we've committed, not for crimes we deny.

"Only what is truly confessed is truly forgiven." —Andrew Murray.

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