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This Young Woman Has 18 Children

God made you for a purpose. Are you willing to do what it takes to fulfill that purpose? Are you ready to fulfill your mission, starting right now? Brooklyn Cole is a young lady who hasn't waited for "one day." Brooklyn's ministry began in an instant, though it hasn't been easy. You will be inspired and a little bit shocked by the boldness and faith of this young lady.

Contact and ways to give to Brooklyn:

Give By CHECK: Put: ID B44150C in memo Mail to: Finish The Task PO Box 491598

Lawrenceville, GA 30049

GIVE ONLINE: ID B44150C Email:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➡️NEVER MISS ANY CONTENT WITH EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION -

On TELEGRAM ➡️Telegram -

Karl Gessler on DING DASH ➡️Ding Dash -


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1 commentaire

AWESOME! Another great interview by Karl G. Great encouragement for young adults. My favorite quote @ 43:10 " He does more when your in motion that when your sitting there waiting for the steps to be revealed."

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