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This What We Need To Do To Be Free People

I have been disengaged from politics for many years, not because I don't care but because I do. When you watch the "news," the media dictates your thought life whether you like it or not. I want Jesus to dictate my thought life, so I turned off all political media. Leaving "mainstream" media was an incredibly life-giving decision of which I have no regrets.

The infamous year of 2020 snapped my attention back to national issues (Though I still NEVER watch the "news") when I was told by the church that employed me that I couldn't go minister at Church! The official doors to the ministry were closed to me. This inappropriate action got my attention. After all, when is worship EVER the wrong thing to do? I urgently began to ask, "What is happening in the world that would make Christians behave like this?!" I wept with confusion and a sense of doom as I watched the America that I love, spin around me in fearful hysteria to the brink of losing her soul. We threw away our liberties for sake of security and we watched helplessly as rebellious and wicked people burned out cities. I remember falling asleep one evening while, (to my surprise!), singing the patriotic verse, "My country tis' of thee, sweet land of liberty..." while tears streamed down my face. Somehow, in my spirit, I felt like something very precious in our nation had died. Since that time, I have been on a political engagement tear. Why? Because I realize Americans (not least American Christians) have lost their worldview and have forgotten how to reason with their minds instead of reacting with emotions.

I was recently horrified to learn from Eugene Bach of the Back to Jerusalem Podcast that during my absence from political engagement in 2009, the US military leadership in Afghanistan stopped Christian soldiers from distributing Bibles requested by the Afghan people. Not only were they stopped, but the commanding officers also told them to gather up the Bibles they distributed and BURN THEM! Why?!? There are several reasons, none of which are logical or good. I will comment on two reasons this atrocity took place. Reason #1 The Obama administration was a treasonous anti-Christian administration that seeded our entire governmental system, including the military, with like-minded people. Reason #2 Because Americans have accepted the lie the religion (which forms the foundational structure of our entire government) is a private affair that we should never bring up in public conversation because that gets some people upset. Eugene Bach, former Marine, and host of the Back To Jerusalem Podcast pointed out, quite correctly, that it was these Bible burnings that are the real reason the Afghanistan mission was doomed to fail all along. Democracy doesn't exist in a worldview vacuum. Christian people designed American democracy for Christian people who understand that human beings are sinners who need accountability by the masses to keep their lust for power in check. The Bible is the reason America exists, prospers, and has been free. The Bible provides the worldview that says, "All men are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights..." Among the rights endowed by our creator is the right to seek information, AKA the freedom of speech. If the US Military prohibits Afgan people from receiving the information found in the Bible, at their request, in what way can we possibly suggest that Americans were in Afghanistan to fight for freedom?! We cannot call a war "a war for freedom" while simultaneously burning Bibles, which is the foundation for that freedom! The Obama administration ordered the American military to saw off the branch on which we are sitting. These self-harming acts reflect the behavior of a nation that has lost its' soul.

But all is not lost. Thank God that He raises the dead! These anti-christian actions are not America as we have known it. The current state of America is that of a hostage situation. Our nation is held hostage by hostile actors. But there is a road back. To restore American liberty, prosperity, and joy, we need to get back to the basics and answer the questions: Who are we? What are we? And what does it mean to be free? The answers to these questions create our worldview and self-understanding. The need for Americans to read the Bible again has become urgent because, within its pages, America will find her lost soul and be free. I believe that the memory of who we were will awake when we start to read the Bible again as a community. We are a nation whose self-understanding and structure of government emerged out of a Biblical worldview and regaining it

is the only way back home.

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