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They Beat Me and I Was Blessed

Anna grew up in Armenia, the first nation to officially identify as "Christian". Anna's family identified as "Christian" but they didn't pray or read the Bible. In fact, when Anna wanted to learn more about Jesus, her mother refused to allow Anna to have a Bible, saying that the Bible

"belongs in the church (building)". In spite of identifying as "Christian", Anna's family persecuted her for her newfound faith in Jesus, even threatening her life. In the end, however, Anna's faithful, loving, witness won the hearts of her family. This is Anna's story of salvation, forgiveness, and overcoming.

Anna shares about growing up in Armenia 1:56 Why Anna's family was afraid of going to Church 4:50 Anna hears about Jesus 6:18 Anna tells her parents that she has become a follower of Jesus 8:53

"The Bible belongs in the Church!" 10:17 Testifying about Jesus to Communist Teachers 12:26 A Backfired Plan 13:32 "They Beat Me and I was Blessed" 16:56 A severe attack by family 18:30 "He punched my face, but I didn't feel pain." 19:41 "You and your whole household will be saved." 20:22 Persecution brings fruitfulness 26:14 What do you want to see God do in America? 27:44

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