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Theological Fiction with Charles Finney

Updated: May 10, 2019

Imputation and atonement are big theological words with which we may not be that familiar. Nevertheless, the things that we have been taught at a popular level about these subjects have oozed their way into our minds one way or another. Atonement is a word used to try to explain what Christ has accomplished on the cross. Imputation is a word that is used to try to explain how Christ's resurrection affects us. But what do we do when the explanations we have heard do not sit well with our souls? I know what Charles Finney would do, he would speak his mind! In this week's Podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler share some reflections on some of Charles Finney's thoughts on the 1800s New England Calvinist's explanation of imputation and the atonement which he colorfully describes as "a wonderful theological fiction".

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