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The Root of Evil in Washington

Can A Nation Be Demonically Possessed or Oppressed?

In Mark's Gospel, Chapter five, Jesus drove out the "legion" of demons possessing a poor man. Mark's language here is not happenstance. The Jewish people were well aware of the "legions" of Roman soldiers roaming their land. The Roman soldiers were a constant reminder to Jews that they were not in charge of their own country, lives, or destinies. The land promised to the Jews by the one true God was occupied and dominated by powerfully oppressive people who did not worship the one true God. The Jewish people wanted nothing more than to have the Messiah appear and throw the Roman legions out of the Holy Land and establish their sovereignty under God. Mark intends his audience to see this incident with the demoniac as a microcosm of the national crisis.

The demons plead with Jesus not to be "thrown out of the country." Jesus grants their request, but He does cast the demons into a herd of pigs. "Pigs," the most unclean animal for a Jew, would aptly describe the Romans for many Jews of Jesus' day. The demons proceed to drown themselves and the pigs in the sea. For some reason, the demons did to themselves what they feared the most from Jesus. I think Jesus knew that would happen. After all, Jesus came to "set the captives free." Why would He allow the non-human slave drivers any quarter? When the satanic spirits drowned in the sea, sanity returned to the oppressed man, and peace returned to the local community. (Read Mark 5:1-20 for the full account).

You can identify the activity of satan by pinpointing sources of chaos. In the book of Genesis, God "creates" our world by establishing order. After Adam and Eve allow evil into God's good creation, chaos soon follows in the form of a flood. In ancient Jewish literature, "the sea" is always a source of chaos and evil. Hence, God broods over the "chaotic waters" in Genesis 1:1 and brings them into order. Satan is anti-order and anti-creation.

A group found in the USA going by the name "Antifa" has thoroughly manifested the marks of a satanic cult. Jesus said that "the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy." (John 10:10), three of the most fundamental elements of Antifa. Jesus also said that the "Satan," a title meaning "the accuser," is "a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44). As U.S. cities burned, Antifa cast blame and accusations on others for their crimes." This behavior is precisely Satanic.

The most alarming thing about Antifa is the support they receive from many within our institutions and government, including the highest levels of our government. This much is clear: Antifa works for people within our government.

Why would senators, governors, and presidential candidates within the United States Government volunteer to support and encourage people as they destroy their cities and people? By blatant hook and crook, many of the same government officials found their ways back to Capitol Hill and the White House. Why would the highest levels of our legislative and judicial branch of government confirm a President that they know to be fraudulent? They have institutionalized lying and stealing. Lies destroy things, even whole nations.

You cannot practice lying and stealing for long before committing the third crime: killing. Joe Biden wasted no time in expanding the slaughter of our children through abortion funding. Why is our government destroying her children and the children of the world? These crimes and satanic behaviors are only the tiny surface features of massive cancer under the skin.


I am not ready to give you the bottom line. I doubt that you are prepared to hear it. Do you know what is lurking behind the thin veil of our polished politicians? Do you know the secrets their faces and rhetoric conceal? You might not be surprised to hear that Hillary and Bill Clinton have blood on their hands. You may not be shocked to learn that Obama sold us out to foreign powers. But what if I told you that it is likely the Clintons and many other politicians profit through the sale of children for pedophiles? Furthermore, what if you heard that this diabolical but lucrative practice is part of a secret, elitist, satanic society? Would you believe it?

Now the acting as Vice-President of the United States, Kamala Harris, was formerly Attorney General of California when a whistle-blower alerted the public of a heinous crime at Planned Parenthood. More than one Planned

Parenthood in California sold the brains, livers, and hearts of the children they murdered. Kamala Harris refused to prosecute Planned Parenthood. Instead, she charged the whistle-blowers with "violating privacy policies." What kind of person does this? And what kind of people dream and scheme to put this woman at the head of our government?! Ms. Harris would never be in her position without the help of many other influential people. Who are they, and why are they so willing to collude with blatant evil?

The darkness runs much deeper than any one of us would like to believe. What if you saw conclusive evidence that the United States' Chief Justice exploits children for pedophiles? What if you learned that even Mike Pence, the clean Mid-Western Christian, is guilty of similar crimes too? There is evidence that points in this direction.

Video #1 (left) concerning Chief Justice Robert's adoption of children. Video #2 (below) concerning Mike Pence's corrupt activity.

(Videos of a Whistle-Blower from the Dept. of Homeland Security provided by Attorney Lin Wood.

Who is guilty of what is an open question, but where there is smoke, there is fire. These types of evil deeds have been done by high-level members of our Government. That much is certain. If we can accept that fact, we might be ready for the conclusion:

America today is governed in large part by people who practice Satanism. That is not to say that all of our leaders actively practice Satanism (though it appears plausible that many do). Still, people who control many of our politicians, judges, and executives do actively practice Satanism. I would have scoffed at this not long ago, but today, I believe it is true. These are the works of Satan: to steal, kill, destroy.

It is no secret that Saul Alinsky influenced many people currently and previously (Obama, the Clintons, to name two) in national leadership. Alinsky openly promoted the anti-qualities we have seen on display in the past year. The unrest and accusations are trademarks of Alinsky's approach to "changing society." Saul Alinsky's famous work "Rules for Radicals" includes a dedication to Lucifer.

What has taken up residence in Washington and many places throughout our nation is a "legion" of open corruption and Communism. The majority of Americans do not embrace Communism, but we have left ourselves wide open to its attack. It has moved it.

Communism is a government system that aggressively removes God from everyone and everything and attempts to replace Him with the State. Communism gains power through intentional chaos, retains power through fear, and musters all of its strength to rival God. Communism is Satan's government.

Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian Jew who became a Christian near the beginning of the Second World War. Communists took over Romania at that time while claiming that they were "invited" into the country. Richard was one of the few pastors who spoke out against the Godless regime. As a result, Pastor Wurmbrand spent roughly fourteen years in Communist Prisons enduring all kinds of torture. During one torture session, Richard witnessed Communist soldiers screaming, "We are the devil!" while they burned him with cigarettes and danced around him, intoxicated with demonic power. Richard miraculously survived his imprisonments and eventually came to the West, where he penned many books about his experiences, including some dark musings concerning Karl Marx. In Wurmband's book "Marx and Satan," Richard suggests that Marx was a practicing Satanist. The mass murder and torture committed under communist regimes is enough evidence to make a compelling case.

In America today, we are witnessing the presence of the same evil spirit. Washington isn't full of liberal politicians who carefully analyze situations and see things from all angles. Instead, a spirit of anti-Christ is brooding over Washington. The smell of witchcraft is in the air.

Black Lives Matter is Communism in a cloak

Witchcraft's sinister practices have never ceased to exist in the USA, but the year 2020 saw satanism and withcraft come right out into the open. The founder of the L.A. chapter of Black Lives Matter openly promoted the use of Vodoo and calling up the dead to bring aid to the so-called "protests," which were full of profanity, rebellion, and violence; all marks of satanism. In Portland, rioters poured out blood libations seeking the aid of dark forces in their revolution. And one woman who unashamedly encouraged these riots is now sitting in the White House as the vice president of The United States. How could such lawless people end up sitting in the highest seats of government? The answer is straightforward: they leaned into the forces of darkness: lying, stealing, and killing.

We didn't witness an election this year; we saw a coup.

The source of power for this coup is Satanism, its character, and its rituals. Abortion has never been about women's rights but about sex, power, and money, the center of all idolatry, the essence of Satanism. How many secret pacts made in Masonic Temples and in sleazy (but by no means poor!) corners of the world, gave us the U.S. government we have today? We will never know. But from the fruit of all that we are seeing, we know who wrote the main contract with the majority of the ruling class: Lucifer himself. But they have not won, nor will they ever win.

"The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8

For this purpose, the Son of God appeared, and He succeeded in His mission. This good news is the Gospel!

"The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever." Revelations 11:15 NASB

Please note, the declaration is past tense. This transfer of power has already taken place. When Jesus was on the cross, He declared,

"It is finished!" (John19:30).

After God raised Him from the dead, Jesus said,

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me." Matthew 28:18 ESV.

The devil can't keep anything. He can temporarily take what we give him, but he can't control what we reclaim in the name of Jesus. All that the devil takes away, he must surrender at the name of Jesus. Hope is not lost. Liberty and true justice for all is still possible. The solution only requires an absolute, earnest, surrender to Jesus.

We are not living at a time for shrinking back in the face of darkness. We are in a time for taking back what we have given away. It is time for a national exorcism. Jesus performed this for the world in His resurrection when the spirit of death was banished. But we need to act on this confession in order to make it a reality today. Hebrews 4:2 reminds us that: "the message they heard did not benefit them, because they were not united by faith with those who listened." (NRSV). Jesus has already defeated the powers of darkness. A national exorcism of evil will take place when we act on this confession. Here is what we need to do:

Repent of our sin, cleanse our house of ungodliness, dedicate our entire being, our family, and our nation to Jesus, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. No one is getting away with anything. Every lie will be revealed. Judgment and rivers of Living Water are coming. But first, we must ask Jesus to cast the legion of demons into the sea. Today is a day for repenting, asking, and then rejoicing in faith. Jesus is alive. His victory is assured.

Now let's go cast out demons.

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Thank you, Greg! It seems the things I produce that make me nervous (like this one!) are the most important messages!



Very well written! Thanks so much for sharing the truth. Taking a pro active position and being willing to take it to our knees is prayer is the best thing, the most effective thing we can do for the LORD, our families, and our nation. Thanks again for your research and integrity.

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