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The Real Haters

American Christians, like myself, have allowed themselves to be manipulated and bullied (the definition of Witchcraft: manipulation or intimidation for the sake of domination) into a defensive position for far too long. We want the world to like us, and if they don't, we assume that we are doing something wrong. But the world isn't going to like us until they want to know the truth. Until then, we should expect to be hated. I'm not talking about persecution for being a jerk but speaking the truth.

"No hate! No Fear! Your bigotry ain't welcome here!" Shouted an eccentric female student as she tried to rile up her crowd against our GAP display at East Tenessee State University. (GAP stands for Genocide Awareness Project. We use graphic images of abortion and the arguments used to justify it with vivid images of other genocides and the statements used to support them.) Not surprisingly, a handful of female students reacted emotionally to our graphical pictures of abortion. These aggravated young women spent at least six hours shouting at us through a megaphone, saying they wanted to debate but never giving two seconds to hear their opponent's viewpoint. From the same mouth that declared "No Hate!" came these words:


"You are not Wanted!

"Get off my f-ing campus!"

At one point, one woman, who I would have taken for a mom in her thirties but couldn't be sure, ran up to our display screaming at the top of her lungs. She wasn't saying anything; she was just screaming a hideous noise. The only thing that can explain the grotesque behavior of this woman is her tormented soul. Her anger and rage runneth over. All the while, these people say that we are "the haters."

The fear of man is one thing the Church must get over if we want to see revival. We can't wait until the culture (not least the religious culture, that Sudo-Christian snake) approves of what we are doing or how we are doing it before we obey God. You can't please the devil and Jesus at the same time. Don't be afraid of being called names. Know who you are in Christ, and let the chips fall where they may. We are only free when we walk in the truth without fear of man.

Many Christian students at ETSU thanked us for our signs, several students openly joined our side of the debate, and at least one person plainly said, "You have changed my mind about abortion today." We won't win any battles if we are afraid of taking some hits during the fight. The appeasement days of the Church are over. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me: Truth Social: Telegram:

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