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The Insanity of God and How it Will Save Us

The presence of evil in the world feels overwhelming. But Jesus said, "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." (John 16:33). Evil will not win. But what will it take for the Church to experience the victory of Jesus in this world? It will take the insanity of God.

Missionary, Nik Ripken, wrote a powerful book called "The Insanity of God" about his transformational journey to discover how the Church survives and thrives in hostile atmospheres. I just read this book, and it is dynamite! I will share with you four lessons I gleaned for immediate application in the Western Church today.


Write to Pastor Jimmy and Erin Coates Family: The best way to write to Pastor James is at the church address (below); we are gathering letters, notes, and cards weekly to bring to him. Please note that there are some important guidelines for when you send cards and letters to prisoners: All incoming mail is searched. A letter sent to an inmate must be:

written in normal blue or black ink

sealed in a basic white envelope

clearly addressed, and unmarked by stickers, crayon, paint, or marker. GRACE LIFE CHURCH 51529A Range Road 262 Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1B3 (780) 433-0060

Write a review to get a FREE copy of the book or PURCHASE it here: ➡️THE INSANITY OF GOD NEVER MISS ANY CONTENT WITH EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION - ➡️

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