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The Day After Resurrection

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

In Luke's account of the Easter story, Luke tells us about two disciples who were walking home to Emmaus on the first day of the week. They had heard the story of the women at the tomb who claimed that the tomb was empty and that they had seen a vision of angels who claimed that Jesus was alive. But they didn't know what to make of it. Should they believe it? And if they believed it, what did it mean?

In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler invite you to walk with them down the road to Emmaus to see what the disciples saw on that first Easter morning and to think their thoughts after them. It may be that as you do, you too will feel your heart "burning inside your chest."

Jimmy Clifton will also share with us how he recently came to a fresh understanding of God's grace that has given him joy and freedom and has compelled him to be baptized into the name of Jesus.

Finally, Karl and Susie field a few questions in response to last week's podcast concerning the physical kingdom of God.

Celebrating Easter on Good Friday 0:15 Susie Reads Luke 24 Kingdom New Testament 2:00 The Road to Emmaus 7:50

How the Disciples Recognized Jesus and What it Meant to Them 16:19 Jimmy Clifton Shares His Testimony 25:15 Questions about the physical kingdom of God podcast 35:12 If the Kingdom of God is physical, does that mean we should all be healthy and wealthy? 35:40 Does the idea of a physical Kingdom of God lead to an empowered and tyrannical clergy? 40:47 Why does Matthew say that "many saints were raised and appeared to many" on the first Easter? What is that about? 46:12

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