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The Boha Tribe

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The God of the Bible has always been known as the creator God. As a creator myself, I know that creators love to create something new and the Hebrew people who gave us the Bible always anticipated that the Creator of the Universe would do a new thing within His creation to renew it. The world is a beautiful and good place but it is also scary and violent at times. The creator God intends to change that. This is what the ancient Hebrews believed and this is what the early Christians believed the cross was all about, dealing with the evil forces that corrupt God's good creation. The resurrection of Jesus is God's loud "yes!" to the hope of a renewed creation. In this week's podcast, we are going to hear from Bobby and Hannah Morrison. Bobby shared his story of being released from addiction in last week's podcast. This week, Hannah tells her side of the story and then brings us to the exciting conclusion of the new thing, the new tribe, that God has created in the world and in their lives, in spite of weakness and brokenness. This is the story of the Boha Tribe.

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