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Parents & Politics. The Lord Has Made Them All.

Parents and politicians are the world's greatest blessing and greatest curse. Both roles are Divine design, and we should revere them as sacred. Christians agree about the sacredness of parenting; logic and scripture should lead us to embrace the role of politics too.

The Bible is full of politics. Plenty of people write Christian books about parenting, though the scriptures rarely speak directly to parents. Where are the Christian books about politics? The Bible says more about politics than it does about parenting.

What if we were to take politics out of the book of Daniel? The text would disappear. The same is true for Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hosea, and all the prophets. The office of a prophet itself is political. The prophet holds the king responsible to the King of kings as he or she (prophetess) speaks on behalf of God, sometimes encouraging, sometimes accusing, and warning the king and his people. The governments of the world need prophets today. Maybe it is the influence of today's Government messaging the Church to bow out of politics? I think so.

Our Government has cleverly used the 501c3 tax-exempt status to bribe the churches into silence in politics, threatening to take the exemption away if Churches preach messages the Government does not approve of. Most Churches have gone utterly silent on the major social issues of our day unless they are politically correct. But even if the Churches are merely silent on the central points, they are compromised. Doing nothing about evil is colluding with evil. You cannot separate politics from the rest of your life. The ancient prophets said "Shiloh" would come one day, that is, the one whose right it is to reign (Isaiah 49:10). Jesus is the one whose right it is to rule. Should we tell the world's rightful ruler to stay out of politics?

Jesus didn't come to banish politics but to do politics the right way. Remember, politics is, by definition, how the world gets ordered or governed. Politics is the science of Government. To be "political" is to be "governmental."

Government is a good thing, a blessing when done right. But like being a parent, politics can become a very evil thing when evil people have the power. Many evil parents exist, but that fact doesn't make parenting a bad thing. Instead, lousy parenting highlights how influential a

parent is. Parents and politicians have the power of life and death over people and communities. The last thing the world needs is for true Christians to bow out of politics any more than parenting.

Jesus came to empower us to become good parents and politicians so that the world might bloom as designed. We should immediately embrace both roles as we follow Jesus. We have been asleep far too long ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily encouragement for the fight: Follow us on Telegram and Gab

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