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Our New Vlog Format For Our Ministry

I doubt that I need to inform you about the censorship taking place among our big tech companies. Susie and I are personally revolted by it. In response, we are working on changes in the way that we share our ministry with you. We also see good benefits coming from these changes. In the future, we will be sharing our vlog via our website. If you are a subscriber to our website, you will receive each vlog, music, podcast, and blog notice in your email. You can still subscribe to our channels on YouTube but we are migrating away from that format as much as possible. We prefer this direct connection with you.

One of the benefits of this new method is sharing additional thoughts with you about our life and ministry with each episode. That is why we are calling this page our "Vlog Blog." That is a combination of two words that meant nothing but gibberish not too long ago.

To get started on our vlog-blog, we are releasing this vlog from last year, giving you a clear picture of what we do when we travel across the country as a family worship band. I think this vlog will inspire you.

Stay tuned for more exciting vlogs, blogs, podcasts, and music coming shortly! Please, share with your friends and encourage them to subscribe! --Karl and Susie Gessler Get Free music, podcast, and more when you check out our links!




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