Is The Kingdom of God Physical?

There is a lot of confusion around the question "What is the Kingdom God?" Is it a physical kingdom or a spiritual kingdom? Personally, I am not sure what a spiritual "kingdom" actually is. I believe that the kingdom of God is nothing if not physical and in this week's discussion with my wife, Susie, I will give some reasons why I believe this. Leave your thoughts below. What do you think the Kingdom of God is like?

Plus, Josh Hoekle joins us in the studio to update us on his family's missionary travels across the USA. You can follow Josh and his family through their instagram account here: Out of the Box Family Blog: Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! For Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit:

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Intro: Is the Kingdom of God Physical? 0:11 Luke 23 English Standard Version 4:26 What would you do if someone accused you of not believing in "imputed righteousness"? 10:50 Is the Kingdom of God Physical? 14:01 Catching up with the Out of the Box Family 43:06

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