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God Gently Prophesied Dad's Death and My Inheritance

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This past weekend marked 15 years since my Dad's sudden death. Dad was only forty-nine years old when he passed away, and I was only twenty-three. All the memories of the days around that time burned into my memory, but they are not bad memories. Oddly enough, the days immediately before my Dad's death are as strong as the days after. It seems to me that the Holy Spirit prepared me for the shocking moment.

I used to paint houses with Dad, and I remember one night, after observing my Dad and his strange health issues (anxiety and generally feeling "weird"), I said to myself, "This could be very serious. Dad could die." It was almost as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through my thoughts. I'm convinced that is what happened. I think I had accepted that fact before it happened.

Another incident happened on the day that my Dad died, which appears prophetic. My brothers and I would listen to music all day long as we painted houses. In the moments when music wasn't on, we tended to sing. Dad had planned on going home early that day, but instead, he hung around long enough "to have lunch with my boys." We are so glad he did. My brother and I made this video for sharing the remarkable event of that afternoon.

After listening to our testimony, you will greatly appreciate the song that we sang that day. We recorded it for you here.

My Dad only lived on the earth for forty-nine years, but fifteen years later, He still influences and inspires me to be a Holy man of God. The inheritance my Dad gave me has not run dry. Dad left me an estate of honor, integrity, strength, and humility. Dad gave me an identity. If we have these things, we will never be poor. Dad's life and death are a potent reminder that what matters is not how long we live but for what we live. Honor God. Tell the truth. Love people. If we do these things, we will leave our children lasting inheritance. To receive more content to embolden your faith, subscribe to our website and our Telegram Channel.

In honor of my Dad, I dedicated this week's podcast to him. Included in the podcast is the last public message my Dad ever gave. It is worth hearing!

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