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Are You Under a Curse?

Many people struggle under a weight they don't recognize or understand. Why does my career always seem stunted? Why do my marriages/relationships always fall apart? Why do I feel prone to this or that addiction?

Struggling under a curse

Immediately after the flood, the Bible says that Noah planted a vineyard, drank of its wine, got drunk, and fell asleep in his tent, naked. While he was in this vulnerable state, his son, Ham, the father of Canaan, came in and “saw the nakedness of his father.” (See Genesis 9:20-22). This statement seems vague, but it implies that Ham somehow took indecent liberties with his father while in a defenseless state. The Bible says that when Noah awoke from his wine, he knew what his youngest son had done to him and was very angry. Here is the crucial part: Noah cursed his son, Ham, but in a more painful way than a direct assault. Noah cursed Ham’s son, Canaan!

We often like to believe that our sins will only affect us; therefore, our choices are nobody else’s business, but that is a lie. The devil will hit where it hurts. God visits the fathers' sins on the fourth and the fifth generations (Deuteronomy 5:9.) You, Father, are a gate keeper to the next four or five generations. And as pastor Vlad Savchuck says, “What is not transformed is transferred.” If you don't break the curses you inherited from your fathers, you will pass them on to your children.

What curses are flowing through you to the next generations? Are you ready to shut the door on that destruction?

The curse may have begun with your father, but the deliverance into blessing starts with you. Was your father divorced? Did your father watch porn, or was he violent toward your mother? Was your father rebellious? Did destruction follow your father everywhere he went? What curses have come down the family line? They can end with you. And be sure these curses will be passed to your kids if they don't end with you.

If you need deliverance from generational

curses, leave a comment and request prayer. The Lord Jesus wants to set your free today.

Also, join us for an evening of mass healing and deliverance on Wednesday, June 21st in Asheville, NC.

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