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Gracia Burnham

Gracia Burnham

Gracia grew up as a good pastor's daughter near Witchita Kansas. After marrying Martin Burnham, a man who was called to fly supplies to missionaries living in remote jungle villages, Gracia and Martin moved to the Philippines where they served for sixteen years. Little did she know that she would one day be in the national news headlines for having been kidnapped by Muslim Terrorist for over a year. Gracia and Martin slogged through mud, rain, hunger, and gun battles as they were dragged along by the captors who were trying to avoid the Philippino military. Gracia's Husband, Martin, would not survive the ordeal. In this week's podcast, Gracia share her story with us and reveals how the Lord used this horrific ordeal to sanctify her and how He even helped her to forgive those responsible for her husband's death.

Here is a link to Gracia's books: In the Presence of My Enemies

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