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The Simple Gospel

The Simple Gospel

How Can we know the real God? Can we know Him by reading books? What does it mean to be "baptized with fire"? It sounds so impressive, but is it only talk? Last week on The Gospel For Planet Earth Podcast, we met Salman, a former Muslim from Iraq, who was radically changed by a personal encounter with the Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This week, we are going to hear part two of my interview with Salman as he challenges us to get to know the Living God who is more than words on a page. Plus, I will share with you a modern worship song that has been ministering to me in this past week, month, and even year, as I have been working with and worshiping our Lord. We will also touch a little bit on the subject of the atonement of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and what it means for us. Let us know how this week's podcast ministers to you and share the podcast with a friend!

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