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Healed by "Hallelujah!"

Healed By "Hallelujah"

The Gospel is good news, not simply good advice. The Gospel is news, it is not a theory. We do not say that some people believe that the Twin Towers in New York collapsed on September 11, 2001; we say that it happened because it did. In the same way, the Gospel is the news that the Kingdom of God has arrived in and through the person of Jesus. And we know this is true because Jesus has been raised from the dead. Can this good news change you even if you do not understand it? Most definitely. The events of September 11, 2001 have changed the world we live in whether future generations know it or not. And the events surrounding Jesus, His crucifixion and His Resurrection, have changed the world even if people don't know about such events. In today's podcast, we are going to meet a man who was healed by Jesus, though he only knew Jesus by the name "Hallelujah" in the first months after his healing encounter. This former devote Muslim was radically changed by the reality of the living person of Jesus and now fully knows and follows him. You will be moved by his story! We will also be finishing up the 12th chapter of Luke and exploring what Jesus was talking about when He told His followers to paying attention to "the signs of the times." Is this the end of the world?! Or was Jesus talking about something quite different? If you would like to connect with brother Salman, you may email him at: Would you like to ask a question to be answered on the podcasts? Click the link below:

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