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KGB Update: April, May, and More!

April, May, and More

CBR UNC Charlotte

In my parent's house, while I was growing up, it seems that some kind of music was on at almost all hours of the day. And now it seems that after every conversation, I walk away with a song in my head that was triggered by a word, an inflection, or a sentence in the conversation. But this also happens simply through the thoughts of my mind, which is a good reminder that what we put into our heads is also what is more or less bound to come out of our lives. Meditate on whatsoever is good, lovely, and right as the Apostle Paul said (Philippians 4:8). For the past few years, as we have become more and more engaged in particular ministries, I find a line from one of Keith Green's sons constantly appearing in my head: "Oh, Lord! There's just so much to be done, Oh Lord! So many souls to be won..." This past month we have been busy as usual, and as a result, we also see that the need is much greater than we have ever imagined. Won't you prayer and ask the Lord what He is calling you to do today? The Past

This past month, we have traveled to sing in Asheville and Boone, we participated in the Genocide Awareness Projects (GAP) at Appalachian State University and UNC Charlotte, we have produced several podcasts, and we have taught on the persecuted church, as well as being super blessed to have received teaching from brothers and sisters from China and Iraq who have suffered for the sake of Christ.

The Present


Right now we are editing and producing some very exciting podcast for the near future (more details below), getting ready to sing at our local rescue mission, as well as an event in Cherokee NC this weekend, and planning for our coming ministry tours in the U.S. The Future Years ago, when we was reading Brother Yun's book, "The Heavenly Man", Susie and I prayed

Brother Yun and Karl Gessler

N.T. Wright and Karl Gessler

that we would get to meet Brother Yun and, while we were at it, we also prayed that I could meet and talk to the world-renown author, historian, and theologian, N.T. Wright. Well, a little more than a year ago, the Lord answered our prayer we not only met Brother Yun but helped arrange a speaking event for him at our local church! And now....drum roll please....last week, I had the immense privileged of interviewing N.T. Wright on the phone for our podcast! It felt like Christmas last week! :) You will be able to listen to that podcast in a couple of weeks.

Also, coming up this month, we will be hosting our beloved brother, Michael Titus, from Tanzania. Michael has shared his testimony with us on a podcast before, which you can listen too here. But you can also come out and hear him in person in the Western North Carolina area May 22-29th. If you would like to find out the specifics of the dates and places, please send an email to: Family Ministry Night! The Karl Gessler Band (The KGB) is teaming up with the Jordan Michael Tuesday Show on May 17th at The Father's Heart Fellowship 6500 Brevard Rd, Etowah, NC 28729 at 6:30pm for a fun night of ministry for the whole family! You can check out the Jordan Michael Tuesday Show here.

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