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Do I Exist?!

Do I Exist?!

It seems like a ridiculous question. The philosopher Rene' Descartes said famously "I think, therefore I am". But what are we? Are we animals? Are we a random collision of molecules? What does it mean to exist or to be created? What is our purpose? And can we exist without one? In this week's podcast, I will be sharing a portion of a message I gave during a concert with my band (The KGB) ,at Barker Heights Baptist Church, earlier this year. In the message I focus on Genesis and explore the meanings behind what "creation" in the Bible is all about and how the Western world is coming dangerously close to ignoring the boundaries that give us our meaning, purpose and existence. If you would like to read more on the subject of "What is man?" Check out some of these other blogs and podcasts! People are Animals? What Are Men and Women?

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