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All Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

All Black Lives Matter

We have all heard the stories about black men getting shot by white police officers. Was it in self-defense? Was it racially motivated? Was it paranoia or an over-reaction? Was it cold-blood murder of innocent victims? The debates continue to roll on, the protests on the streets continue but there is still silence over the murder of millions of Black Americans. And in these cases, there is no question about the injustices being committed. These murders are not a matter of self-defense or stopping aggression. These murders are carried out against Black babies and the world remains silent. But not all of the world, Jackie Hawkins from the Center for Bio Ethical Reform has taken up the mantle and the cause of the voiceless victims of millions of babies in the womb, whether black or white.

But Jackie has a particular message for the Black American population: "Black babies are being targeted for abortions." Planned Parenthood targets the Black American population in its abortion campaigns and nobody other than Jackie and a handful of other people say anything about it. On this week's podcast, I got to sit down with Jackie and talk to her about the "All Black Lives Matter" campaign that she and Reverend Clenard Childress are driving as they stand outside of the Museum of Black American History in Washington D.C. educating the busloads of largely African-American visitors on a daily basis. Do we really care about the cause of fighting injustice or just for fighting the causes that allow us to express our anger and advance our agenda? There is a clear case of injustice here. Will we listen to the cry of the victims?


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