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The Karl Gessler Band is a family band that does not seek to be famous but to be effective in promoting and proclaiming the Gospel. We seek to reach the unreached and to minister to those who can't usually afford to go to a good concert. Most of our "gigs" are not events that we get paid to perform but we believe they are valuable nonetheless. In fact, because we are ministering to some who would otherwise get the leftovers or nothing at all, we believe this ministry to be even more valuable. That being said, we also really enjoy performing for and ministering to the Church. Church services also tend to be the means by which God provides for us through "love offerings". Please contact us and invite us to come and minister in your home, church or ministry! It will help advance the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. You can also simply donate to the cause by visiting our Patreon Page Here. We would be honored to have you partner with us in ministry!


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