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Redrawing the Lines

Redrawing the Lines

The world is full of good guys and bad guys. But deciding whom the good guys are and whom the bad guys are is a significant challenge, but one that we are all up for facing whether we acknowledge it or not. Even the most dedicated Pacifist and the most loyal Universalist will be able to identify enemies to their causes when truly pressed. The world of Luke and Jesus was no different. The Jews had their own ideas about who was “in” with God and who was not and hence, who is "good" and who is not. The question is, how will Jesus determine who is in line to inherit God’s blessing, (i.e. who are “God’s people”, "true Israel", or "the good") and will it line up with the views of the most influential cultural movement of the day, the Pharisees? How will Jesus' redrawn lines match up with our own expectations of whom God should or shouldn't receive? That is what we will discover on this week’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast. Plus, don’t miss the engaging interview with up and coming rap, recording artist “Parxx” as we talk about music, ministry and racism. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share with your friends. Take a minute to let us know how you found the

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