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Prophets, Puppets, and Politics

Prophets, Puppets, and Politics

What do Prophets, Puppets, and Politics have in common (Besides the letter "P". Thanks for that Susie!)? Matthew's Christmas story of course! This week, Karl dives into the tragic, highly-charged, political drama that is Matthew's Christmas story. This is a Christmas story you may not be used to hearing, but it is the one that counts. Far from peaceful, starry nights and woolly lambs, this Christmas story will challenge the way that you think of life and the use of power. Plus, we will discuss how we understand the role that prophets played in the world of Jesus' day and in our world today. And find out how are card carrying feminist became a pro-life advocate because of the Christmas story! All this and more on this week's exciting Gospel For Planet Earth Podcast!

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