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On The Road to Utah

What is it like to travel as a family of seven across the entire continent of North America? Well, you are about to find out! On our recent cross-country trip my wife, Susie, and I recorded multiple “secret” podcasts that were not meant to be released until the trip was over. That is because these podcasts give you a real look into the journey of faith that we stepped into as we travelled from one end of the country to the other (somewhere close to 10,000 miles!) singing and doing ministry wherever the door was opened. How did we do it? What are the challenges? What are the joys? How do you plan meals or keep the kids from losing their minds?! You will find out in this exciting tell-all! This first installment of the “secret” podcasts finds us on the road to Utah in still the early part of our journey. Come join us for the ride and watch out for Antelope crossing the interstate!

On the Road to Utah

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