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3 Reasons why we still need to read the Gospels

1. We are not a first century Jews. In our creeds, we say that Jesus "suffered under Pontus Pilate". Which is also to say that Jesus was born, lived, and died at a particular time in history. To know who Jesus is and what He has accomplished, we need to study history. The Gospels provide the best historical material that can be found regarding Jesus. To know Jesus is to know Him within the historical context of His life and ministry.

2. Self-identity is the center of what motivates and informs our every decision. No person is an island and no person is without a back story. Our personal and cultural back story is the producer of our current self-understanding. Understanding what it means to "belong" to Jesus and to share His back story is a vital part of being a "Christian". The Gospels, as well as the whole of scripture, especially what the church has come to know as the Old Testament, is our own back story if we call ourselves Christians. We need to know it if we are not know who we are. 3. Most Christians in the West have the habit of reading the scripture in isolated fragmentation. We pull out a story here and highlight a scripture there, but we fail to comprehend the bigger and more significant message being relayed as a whole.The Gospels were meant to be read in one gulp and until we do that, we will not fully hear what the gospel writers are wanting to say. In fact, we may even miss what "the gospel" actually is! A lifetime of thoroughly reading the gospels will not exhaust their wealth. Let's read it for all its' worth! Let's make a habit of reading the gospels in large chunks. Let's make a habit of letting the gospels inform our back story. Let's make a habit of letting the Gospel change us. Consider attending our Meeting Jesus in The Gospel of Luke Conference at Hendersonville Presbyterian Church 699 North Grove St. Hendersonville NC on Saturday August 5th from 9am-3pm. Registration is free. Simply call our text your intention to attend to 828-553-2020.

3 Reasons why we need to read the Gospels

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