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New Songs Available!

Next week, I will be going into the studio to record my newest music project "We Will Not Fear". I am very excited about it and I hope you are too!

I have recently uploaded two new songs via Soundcloud, that are actually not new, but maybe new to you. The live version of "I Will Sing" is still my favorite version of any song that I have recorded to date. The second song "Mighty One" is the first song that I ever wrote. I still remember where I was sitting and what I was doing at the time. That was over 15 years ago! Please take a minute to listen, enjoy, and share! I am excited to be going into the studio this week to begin recording a new record project of 5 brand new songs, based on reflections from the Psalms and the Prophets. I could still use a little financial help in getting this project completed. Would you consider a pre-purchased order of the album? For $5 you could pre-purchase this album and help make it happen! Any additional donation would be greatly appreciated too! You can donate here. Thanks so much! You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter and receive 5 free songs from my previous album recorded with Glory Anthem! Or you can purchase the full album here and all the proceeds will go to support my current project. A win/win situation!

The Karl Gessler Band

The projected release date for this new project is August 1, 2017. Thanks for listening and supporting!

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