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Discovering Western Pornography

Discovering Western Pornography

Dr. Hung Yang

Dr. Hung Yang is now a professor in a US seminary, but before that, Dr. Yang was a devoted member of the Chinese Communist Party. But Yang was not happy. Yang was a loyal, hard-working, Communist, but at night he was depressed, searching for meaning in drugs and even attempting suicide. Dr. Yang did not know anything about Jesus and had never even heard that there was something called a “Bible” until he was in a College, studying English literature. Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and other English writers referred to the Bible in their writings and Dr. Yang was intrigued. “Where can I find a Bible?” Yang asked his teacher. “You cannot ask about that! It will get you in trouble!” This surprised and perplexed Yang and he persisted in asking. Finally his teacher told him “If you want to learn about that book, you will have to talk to the dean of the school.” Again, Yang was met with resistance and accusatory questions. But Yang insisted that he merely wanted to read the Bible for academic purposes so that he might understand what these English writers were talking about. Finally, Yang was granted two weeks with a Bible if he would sign a paper saying that it was for academic purposes ONLY. Satisfied, the dean led Yang to a secret room in the school that Yang never knew existed. It was a library filled with books banned by the Communist government. After two hours of searching, Dr. Yang finally found an old, moldy, King James English Bible in a box marked “Western Pornography.” Yang began his academic study right away and, even though he didn’t understand much a first, Yang began to weep as he read the New Testament. Yang spent the last few days he had with the Bible, memorizing and copying everything that he could. Yang had become a Christian. God’s word is not academic but life-changing. Read your Bible and pray for those who have never seen one.

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