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They Took A Fence (Baby blog 1)

It's my understanding that a good blogger produces at least one blog a day. But I wonder how many of those bloggers have five children, including a new born infant in the house? I was up late last night, early this morning and again later in the morning. Therefore my biblical thought of the day is this:

As I listen to the Gospel of Mark on my iPod, whenever I hear the part about Jesus' hometown taking offense at him (Mark 6:3), I always envision an angry mob pulling a white picket fence out of the ground and charging angrily at Jesus. (They took "a fence" at him. Har. Har.)

This is what happens when you blog everyday with a new baby in the house. But what I have learned, and still learn over and over again in these situations, is that true ministry is not hindered by a lack of sleep, but only a lack of love. I may not be able to put too many thoughts together, or to work on my projects, I may even fall asleep while I am trying to pray, but the Holy Spirit equips me to patiently endure and even rejoice when I am pushed past my limits because in my weakness He shows Himself strong. I only need to remember to hold on and to look for Him and I will see Him. I am glad to walk this crying baby because it gives me my first chances to love her. What a blessing that is! And in the meantime, I can do my praying as I walk this crying baby in circles around the living room one more time....

You can pray for us to sleep well tonight....or any time. :)

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