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15 Years After Dad's Last Word

Fifteen years ago, my father suddenly passed away from a heart attack at only forty-nine years of age. My Dad shaped me more than any other person I have known. Today, I want to share with you the last message he ever gave. Plus, I will also share with you why you might not believe in God.

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Excellent guest testimony. What a legacy! Now I know how the older worship songs are threaded into the So thankful for the humble address to the up and coming generation. Calvinism vs Armenianism ? Forget all the ism's and just let the complete cannon speak to you personally. Great Illustration of the woodshed, which hardly any metro folks know about. Parents that love their children discipline them, Humanly for their own peace and comfort, but God, and his decendants who parent children, correct their kids for their own profit HE 12:10


Karl Gessler
Karl Gessler
Jan 29, 2021

I miss my Dad! But I am thankful he is safely and peacefully with Jesus.

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