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You Are A Wanted Child

"Every child should be a wanted child" is a common refrain from pro-abortion individuals. If a child isn't wanted (so goes the argument), it is better off not born. Underneath this very presumptuous argument is a cry for help. Who would make such an assertion except for someone who felt unwanted and suicidal themselves?

As a team from the Genocide Awareness Project and I prepared for a day of pro-life advocacy on the campus of Northern Kentucky University, we were talking about various objections to the pro-life stance. During our conversation, it struck me that many of the callus students are jealous of the aborted baby. They wish that they had never been born. Does that sound absurd to you? My theory was confirmed to me in overt terms twice during the day:

"I wish my parents had aborted me!" said one young white male wearing gothic jewelry in each ear. "It would have saved me from a whole lot of problems." Another student, a young white woman wearing a strange rope around her chest, black nail polish, and high platform boots, also declared, "I wish my parents had aborted me!"

These alarming statements should enlighten our eyes that abortion does not simply happen because kids have no self-control or "don't take proper precautions" when engaging in sex or whatever. There are many more factors in play. One primary reason abortion is in high demand is that the parents feel unloved and unwanted themselves. Who will sacrifice to give life to another when they don't think their own life is worth living?

How do we address this issue? First, we show our children, in word and deed, that they are wanted and loved. Secondly, we seek out and give love to those who feel unwanted. We tell these students that "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son," not in abortion but in the act of self-sacrifice to rescue their worthwhile lives. God didn't take a life to preserve His own life but gave Himself so that they might live.

To love these angry students, we must tell them the whole truth about abortion: 1. Abortion is not a solution but is despair and death. 2. God loves and wants you and your babies. 3. If you will confess your sins and repent, God's forgiveness and healing are absolute.

Life is always worth living when you know that you are wanted, not for services rendered, but for simply being you. Whoever you are, whatever you have done, You are wanted and loved by Your Father in Heaven.

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