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Worship & War This Wednesday @ The Barn

Imagine fighting a war with hot drinks, guitars, donuts, and friends. That would be fun!

Good news: You are in that war.

Like-minded Christians will gather on Wednesday, November 17th @ SkyBrook Farms 159 Skybrook Farm Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28739, USA for an evening of worship, intercession, and fellowship. Worship leaders from our community will lead us in lively songs to declare that Jesus is Lord over all.

We are not alone

We are not defenseless

We are not without power...unless we neglect to meet together for worship and prayer.

Invite everyone! Bring a hot drink or dessert to share. Heaters will be provided. We will be inside a barn, so dress accordingly. The evening will begin at 6 pm. Bathrooms are available.

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