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What Belongs To God?

Should politics and religion be separated? Many Westerners would quickly shout, "Yes!" But if God cannot take part in our politics, what exactly "belongs to God"? Jamin Hendrix joins Karl in the studio again this week to talk about the meaning behind Jesus' words in Luke 20, "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. And Give to God what belongs to God." Today's Government in China doesn't want God or anyone else involved in their politics, and they are using science-fiction-type technology to reach unprecedented levels of control over their citizens, not least, the Church! How is the Church responding? Eugene Bach joins us on the phone to give us his insider's look at these startling developments taking place in China today. The Psalmist said, "The Earth is the Lord's and all it contains..." But can technology change that?! Find your answer in this week's podcast!

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